Park Avenue Christian School uses the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) materials for the academic curriculum in Kindergarten through Twelfth grade. The A.C.E. curriculum honors the Lord and provides solid academic preparation in all basic areas of knowledge and skills.
        The training is individually prescribed and begins for each student at his or her tested functional level in each academic area. They can work on their own, under the guidance of the supervisor, according to their own speed, experience, and capabilities. This allows the child to accelerate from where they are, to their
highest potential with the purpose of
mastery of concept before advancement. This curriculum is designed to meet specific needs and increase long-term retention of the material studied. While this program places the responsibility of learning upon the student, teachers are available to work one-on-one with the student, whenever needed. We are a college preparatory school, and follow the Missouri Board of Education for graduation requirements.
        Park Avenue Christian School offers enrichment classes, including Art, Music, Piano, Foreign Language, Computer Skills, Dave Ramsey's Personal Finance, Speech and Physical Education. 
        The school offers two separate chapel times to meet the age appropriate needs of our student body. "Kings Kids" - First through Fifth grade - and "Conqueror's" - Sixth through Twelfth grade - meet once a week for a time of worship, praise, and instruction. We invite your pastor or youth leaders to call and schedule a time to come and minister to the student body.