Frequently Asked Questions

Why Park Avenue Christian School?
PACS exists to prepare students for academic success and Christian service. We do that with 2 Timothy 2:15 as our guideline. This means that education reaches the whole child: mentally, socially, physically, and spiritually, inspiring in students a system of values consistent with the
Word of God.
  • PACS provides quality, college preparatory, Christian education that integrates major subjects
    with the Bible through proven Christian curricula.
  • PACS  offers individual attention through small student to teacher ratios. Our qualified teachers are committed to the ministry of Christian education and providing a loving environment.
  • PACS builds strong Christian character which in turn develops young people of integrity, develops good citizenship, and instills a good work ethic. Students are taught to apply themselves to their work and to fulfill their various responsibilities.
  • PACS emphasizes spiritual growth by encouraging each student to strive for God's best in their life. Spiritual maturity is the goal set before them.
  • PACS encourages daily parental involvement in their child's education. The parents are aware and a part of what the student is learning.
Does PACS offer enrichment classes, or extracurricular activities?
PACS offers many enrichment classes, such as art, music, piano, foreign language, computer skills, Dave Ramsey's Personal Finance course, speech, and physical education. We also offer two separate chapel times to meet the age appropriate needs of our students - these chapel groups meet once a week for a time of worship, praise, and instruction.
We also offer volleyball for the girls, and basketball for the boys. Physical Education class is for all ages during the school year, with a focus on track in the spring. 

How large are the class sizes at PACS?
We believe that smaller class sizes allows for a more personal and effective learning environment.
  • PK/K5 - No more than 10 students
  • Elementary - 20 to 25 students per class
  • Middle School/Junior High - 20 to 25 students per class
  • High School - 20 to 25 students per class.
Does PACS enforce a uniform requirement?
A student's appearance should reflect the idea that learning is important enough to call for precision and neatness in dress. Uniforms avoid comparison. Therefore, we have uniform requirements. These requirements include:
  • K-12th Boys & Girls: Red or black polo-style shirt. Short or long-sleeved is acceptable, but must be worn tucked into pants or skirt.
  • K-12th Boys: Double pleated pants in black or khaki.
  • K-2nd Girls: Jumper or double-pleated pants in black or khaki.
  • 3rd-12th Girls: Jumper, skirt or double pleated pants in black or khaki.
  • P.E. (optional for 1st-3rd, required for 4th-12th): Plain, no shorter than mid-thigh, black shorts or sweats & plain red t-shirt.
  • School Spirit Fridays: Every Friday, the students should wear their red polo shirt.
  • Students must never wear a black shirt with a black skirt or pants.